• Ira Guptill, owner of Mystery Machine “
    Awsome workboat, wicked comfortable. Twenty to twenty-five (US) gallons fuel/day, running over a 50 mile work day. Top speed is 31,5 knots, running/cruising speed 24-26 knots@1900 rpms.”
  • Leroy Bridges, owner of Miss Maddison “
    This boat is a Cadillac. It will not pound and is a very quick hull.”
    Making a strong debut at the Winter Harbor Lobsterboat race, Ira Guptill’s brand new Northern Bay 38, Mystery Machine, voluntarily bumped up a class bracket and snatched a victory away from Diesel Class L powerhouse
  • Hattie Rose. Source: Commercial Fisheries News
    The first Northern Bay 38, Ira Guptill’s Mystery Machine (NB 38, 410 hp Sisu) at the races came to the line in class L (boats 36’and over, max 700 hp) and would face Steve Johnson’s Hattie Rose (Crowley 36, 650 hp GM). As the boats made their way up the course it was Mystery Machine which won by two boat lengths over Hattie Rose .
    Source: Maine Coastal News
  • Owner Ira Guptill said: “John (Hutchins)
    "I wouldn’t be disappointed, and so far, that’s very true. In what seas I’ve seen, the boat is
    A-1.” Sisu dealer David Grant added, “This is a strong engine in a very slippery boat.“
    Source: Commercial Fisheries News


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