Northern Bay 48

On the drawing board, the Northern Bay 48

The Northern Bay 48 is a new design along the lines of the popular 38 Northern Bay. It has the same fast and efficient built-down style hull as the Northern Bay 38 and will perform with a smooth, stable and seaworthy ride, allowing high top end and cruising speeds with a single diesel engine.


This boat is another new development of the design used along the Maine coast for more than 90 years in the lobstering industry in all kinds of weather.


Like the Northern Bay 38, the Northern Bay 48 will offer the perfect combination of speed, seaworthiness and efficiency, and will be a versatile platform whether lobstering, sportfishing or as a downeast cruiser. 





Type: Down East Lobsterboat Hull shape: S-bilged
Length: 48' Working space: 31.5' x 17'/15'(transom)
Width: 17' Load cap.:  8,800 lbs
Draft: 4'10" Engine size:  single engine from 800 to 2000 hp
Length cockpit:      
Displacement: 34,841 lbs    
Base engine: 800 hp Fuel:  500+ gallons